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Technology is the most powerful equalizer of our time, providing access to data, knowledge, and — above all — connections. Salesforce.org puts the world’s best technology in the hands of nonprofits and educational institutions, so they connect their organizations and accelerate their impact. As a social enterprise, the more missions our technology supports, the more we can invest back into the community, creating an endless circle of good.





Aircall empowers teams to better communicate with customers by integrating phone calls with their existing workflows in Salesforce.
Connect Aircall to Salesforce in minutes to centralize your phone operations and get all the call-center features your team needs. The Aircall-Salesforce integration uses the data held in Salesforce to bring context to your interactions and improve your customer experience.
Our platform has been designed to adapt to your current workflows and simplify the way your business handles phone calls across teams and regions.
Are you always on the go? With Aircall you can make and receive calls on your mobile app and have every interaction automatically logged in Salesforce.
No hidden costs and fees, no hardware needed, and a tech savvy customer support always available to assist with any of your needs!
Ask us for a demo at aircall.io and check it out yourself during our one-week free trial!




Conga helps businesses get more value from their technology by transforming processes through AI-powered digital transformation. Conga delivers digital transformation by helping create, manage, collaborate on, negotiate, and eSign business documents and contracts, all via visual process automation. The Conga Suite of products helps to simplify user experiences, improve customer interactions, and increase productivity.

  • Create intelligent documents with Conga Composer and Conga Octiv
  • Develop and visualize business process workflows with Conga ProcessComposer
  • Manage data with Conga ActionGrid and Conga Contracts
  • Collaborate with internal and external teams with Conga Octiv
  • Negotiate, redline and true-up contracts with Conga Contracts
  • eSign documents with Conga Sign

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, Conga has built a base of more than 700,000 users, in 85+ countries, across all industries. Thousands of organizations rely on Conga daily to manage and streamline critical business processes.




Release Management & Agile Continuous Delivery Platform.
We provide a complete Release Management solution with Agile Continuous Delivery, Version Control, Automated Deployments, Automated Regression Testing, Rollbacks, Automated Compliance Scan, Scheduled Metadata backups and more.
Copado is the first 100% web and cloud-based deployment and continuous integration tool for Salesforce. Our architecture is scalable for small, medium and Enterprise customers.
Copado is the leading Release Management toolkit for:

  • Architects & developers:
    Deploy quicker and smarter with less errors and no more repetitive manual tasks. Have more fun deploying with Copado.
  • Consultancies and ISV:
    Manage more projects at the same time, meet deadlines and decrease problem resolution time before the customer even knows there is a problem.
  • Administrators:
    Monitor Org Health and keep visibility of all changes made to any Salesforce environment.




Exclusive eSignature solution used by Salesforce to keep business moving.
DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital, so you can get on with your business, and your life. Get started today with a 30-day free trial. Pricing listed is for DocuSign for Salesforce connector.




Elements.cloud is the Documentation Hub for Salesforce. Sync your Org config into an easily navigated tree structure and get insightful Org analytics. Pinpoint the areas to clean your Org through field data, usage, permissions and access rights. Understand which reports rarely or never run. Get analytics of how well your Org is documented. Build great documentation by linking any item in the tree notes, URL links, video, photos, images, process diagrams and requirements. All this for just $2/day for each Editor. Viewers are free forever.




Resco has been specializing in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions for 2 decades. The team of mobility experts utilizes its knowledge by providing Resco Cloud technology to 2,000+ corporate customers, 600+ partners and 100,000+ end users.
When it comes to mobility, Resco’s products are very versatile — enabling different industries to work with & harness Salesforce data to utilize with no boundaries through different mobile devices. Resco’s business mobile solutions bring a variety of perks for Salesforce users on the go, including fast & smooth synchronization with Salesforce, advanced customization capabilities, the ability to work offline without compromises, along with hundreds of popular productivity features. Resco’s solutions are a good fit for those looking for case-specific products — such as mobile sales, field service, inspections, route planners, a smart cities app and it can be tailored even more specifically to your needs with zero coding necessary.




Powerful backup, compare, recover, and replicate for your Salesforce data
No company operating on the cloud should ever lose data. OwnBackup provides automated, daily backups, compare and restore for disaster recovery, replication for sandbox testing, GDPR compliance, and secure key management. Easy setup, unlimited storage





SmartCloud Connect is #1 Enterprise Class solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar; it is highly customizable and allows you to synchronize emails, meetings, contacts, attachments and tasks between your CRM and Office 365, Outlook,. Using its contextual sidebar you can see and edit everything you need about leads, contacts, opportunities and other custom objects right from your Inbox.
 SmartCloud Connect allows sales teams to boost productivity, decrease operational costs and improve CRM data.




Texeï is an IT consultancy company dedicated to Salesforce platform and Agile methodologies. We deliver consulting services and training programs for Sales, Service, Marketing, Community and Analytics clouds.
Our expertise is focused on both Salesforce product management and product development. Our teams build high-quality components to empower your web and mobile strategy with Salesforce.
Texeï training center offers methodological and Technical certificated courses.




Fully accessible and searchable personal data.
Multi-object Salesforce obfuscation of chosen data.
On-premises data: minimize liability – monitor compliance – control access.




Available on Appexchange™, InsideBoard the first AI platform for Change Management is dedicated to measure, boost and sustain Salesforce user adoption, ongoing performance and transformation success. Based on unique AI algorithms, InsideBoard empowers employees to be the driver of their own change activating all digital engagement leverages including Key Success Indicators, Training Paths, Gamification and Ambassadors Management.
Ask for a demo at insideboard.com to learn more about our platform.




Probative value, integrity, secure storage, archive accessibility
Enables archiving of your attachements to CDC Arkhinéo’s Electronic Archiving service !
Securely preserve documents attached to any standard or custom object in conditions that maintain their probative value.