Donor Management Fundamentals (and Secrets): Getting the most out of NPSP

How non-for-profit organizations can harvest the power of the most powerful platform in the world? In this session you will learn how to get the most of the NPSP package, focusing on donor management, fundraising, and stewardship. We will look at common configuration mistakes and important NPSP settings. We will formulate a fundraising plan and then, “convert” it into Salesforce lingo. You will learn how our clients are able to double funds raised from a simple mailing campaign.  


With close to 50 nonprofit projects under the belt, I will share best practices and awesome tips and tricks! Spoiler alert: Keep it simple”

Location: Escargot Room Date: 20 September 2019 Time: 11 h 20 min - 11 h 45 min 45058361271_f1b42382ab_o Julia Khon 2019-08_MS Profile pic Mitchell Swailes