Forging your way to a CTA certification

Architect certifications have been of higher standard and require a stronger level of knowledge of salesforce, platform and also practices. Once we reached the be Application and System architect certifications , the top of the pyramid , lies the toughest of all . CTA . There are over 273 salesforce CTA’s today. The numbers are increasing at about 15 per year which is small.

For CTA the pattern of exam is in 3 parts
A 10 page problem of a company is provided to you.
You are required to read through, propose your architecture
Await for Q&A
As part of my preparation for CTA we gathered a lot of material and are experimenting on different ways of presenting our solutions We would like to share our lessons learnt so far and help the community better prepare for CTA.
Join us in learning more and help pave way for your CTA certification.

Location: Crêpe Room Date: 20 September 2019 Time: 16 h 00 min - 16 h 20 min SiddharthaNAGAVARAPU Siddhartha Nagavarapu praneel_profile_pic Praneel Pidikiti