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Created in 2001, CDC Arkhineo, a trusted Third Party Archiver and a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, is the leading French company in electronic archiving of documents with probative value.
With its SaaS-based solution – certified Afnor NF 461, ISO 27001 and approved by the SIAF (French interministerial archives department) – CDC Arkhineo provides reliable, long-term conservation of digital data for prestigious clients spanning a variety of public and private sectors (banking, insurance, retail, electronics, audio-visual, aviation, automotive, etc.).




Copado is the #1 Native DevOps Platform for Salesforce. We enable faster, error-free digital and cloud deployments and upgrades with continuous integration (CI) technologies and agile cloud release management, all via an enterprise-class developer platform that is 100% native and fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds.




DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. Today, more than 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify people’s lives.


Duplicate CheckPoor quality data has a negative impact on financial results, adoption of digital initiatives and customer experience. Our 100% native Salesforce apps turn your data into an asset: Duplicate Check – Duplicate management with prevention for any entry-point, live alerts, batch and automatic processing and no data transfer.  Record Validation – Format and validate email and postal addresses and phone numbers. Validate and format on entry and in batches.  See us in the demo jam and visit our stand for a tour.  Duplicatecheck.com – Recordvalidation.com




Elements.cloud Catalyst will sync all your Org metadata (Prod & Sandboxes) to give you insights; field where used, % filled by record type, Impact analysis and much more. Document your Org with notes and URL links, business processes, requirements and user stories. Collaborate with co-workers and consultants. In one click turn any documentation into pop-up help for objects and fields in record pages. All from inside Salesforce Setup




Resco has been specializing in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions for 2 decades. The team of mobility experts utilizes its knowledge by providing Resco Cloud technology to 2,500+ corporate customers, 600+ partners and 200,000+ end users.
Enterprise mobile solutions that can be easily connected to any Salesforce organization are very versatile — enabling different industries with various use cases harness & manage data, even offline.




Build custom AI-powered apps — all with just a few clicks or a single line of code with the Einstein Platform. The Einstein Platform makes it possible for admins and developers to apply AI to build AI models to predict any outcome in Salesforce — at scale. It also brings a wide variety of machine learning capabilities — such as image recognition, sentiment, intent and more — directly into Salesforce’s trusted and secure infrastructure.

Be sure to stop by the Einstein Platform booth to engage with the Einstein Platform team, to learn about the NEW Einstein Champions Program, and to earn an Einstein plushie by completing the Einstein Platform Quest onsite.



Aircall is a fully cloud based phone system seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. Your sales and support teams can have their phone system up and running in just a few clicks and integrated into your favorite business tools. Aircall and Salesforce have been successful partners for the past 5 years.




AutoRABIT offers a suite of products used by DevOps organizations to automate their CI/CD process for cloud-based development platforms. The Automated Release Management (ARM) Suite for Salesforce integrates a variety of tools and processes used by DevOps teams to configure, build, test and manage development, environments and deployments on their Salesforce instance. AutoRABIT’s Metadata Mastery™ is a proprietary technology developed to manage the dependencies, profiles and relationships associated with Salesforce metadata. AutoRABIT Vault is enterprise-grade data backup and recovery for Salesforce. DevOps organizations use AutoRABIT Vault for compliance and security assurance across their Salesforce environments during their continuous software delivery process.




Texeï is an IT consultancy company dedicated to Salesforce platform and agile methodologies.
We deliver high quality Salesforce products that enable our client to drive growth.
Born in the cloud, we strongly believe that building apps on Salesforce is the effortless way to disrupt traditional business models and manage digital transition.
Want to know more about us ? Follow the team @TexeiFrance / blog.texei.com



Quality Cloud

Spoon Consulting

Validity, Inc





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