garcia Stephan Garcia

Salesforce Consultant at Methods and Salesforce UK Public Sector User Group Leader Stephan is an experienced and versatile Salesforce Application Architect who has a proven track record in using a platform-based approach to transform organisations. Over the last few years, he has found that when bringing together the “customer first” principles of the private sector, you can transform public services and change the way the Government uses data. Stephan is the founder of the Salesforce UK Public Sector User Group. While working with the Digital Catapult, Stephan worked on a number of Personal Data focused projects introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation. Bringing together his experience of working with Salesforce and the knowledge of the GDPR, he has founded the GDPR Superheroes, a Salesforce focused community group built to help educate Salesforce customers on the Implications of the new regulation and how to prepare.

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