DAY-1 before Salesforce World Tour Paris !!!

Hello #Ohana dreamers ! Day-1 before Salesforce World Tour Paris !!! We can’t wait and we are pretty sure you can’t neither ! Register here before it’s too late : It will be a day full of information, a Keynote with Alex Dayon and Parker Harris, an admin and a developer theater and sessions […]

Why is it not a free event?

Many of you must ask why the event is not free, and maybe you hesitate to come because of that. Well, we want to be totally honest with you about this topic! To organize an event like the French Touch Dreamin, we need: Venue: a large enough place to welcome around 200 people, composed of […]

What are Dreamin events?

If you are a Twitter addict following Salesforce community, you certainly read tweets about events like Midwest Dreamin, Tahoe Dreamin, Snowforce, London’s calling, Surf Force, Texas Dreamin, Southeast Dreamin, Forcelandia, Punta Dreamin, Oz Dreamin or even French Touch Dreamin ?… And if it is the first time you heard about those events, well maybe you […]

Why everything is in english?

Many of you may certainly think “We are in France, so we speak French right?” Well you are totally right. But the thing is that French Touch Dreamin is not only a French event but a European event! We hesitated a lot on the language to adopt for the event, and unanimously we voted for […]