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Elements.cloud: Build the right thing. Build the thing right. FASTER.  

The Elements platform, allows you to make intelligent change decisions based on a shared understanding of org configuration, dependency analysis, and documentation. Tightly integrated into DevOps, it drives collaboration, changes are implemented faster, rework is reduced, user adoption soars.

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PipeLaunch was initially created two years ago by their CEO Ben Asfaha and CTO Donny Santoso. At Salesforce, Ben's role was to help customers leverage innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Donny has successfully been running a Salesforce practice for over 10 years, helping customers implement Salesforce and become more customer centric. PipeLaunch helps any salesperson that wants to improve their pipeline coverage to become more diligent at prospecting. Being one of the most crucial sales activities to achieve success in sales, it is also one of the most dreaded and time-consuming tasks. Automating and accelerating this process is the key to spending your sales golden hours helping more prospects and closing more deals.

The Copado DevOps Platform redefines Salesforce development to be quality-driven so customers can deliver features at speed. Copado is the first and only native CI/CD solution to integrate AI-driven Robotic Testing into every branch of code you deploy. Our low-code UI democratizes development — making scrum teams 20X more productive and driving 20X more frequent Salesforce deployments. Backed by Insight Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, Copado powers digital transformations for 1,200+ global enterprises like Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Volkswagen and Boston Scientific. Copado processes over 50 million DevOps transactions per month and has a 100% rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Grid Pal

Creating professional-looking e-documents does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. PDF Butler's electronic documents fulfill your customers' expectations through offers, quotes, contracts, and bills.
PDF Butler creates the strongest synergies and workflows in business out there.
SIGN Butler Integrates seamlessly with PDF Butler and Salesforce.com improving the signer's journey.

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Ellisphere has been providing business information for over 125 years, supporting companies with B2B Data Management and Use.
Our Expertise : Datamarketing – Risk Management- Compliance
To know about your customers, suppliers, intermediaries or investment targets, we deliver 100% smart digital solutions.

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Spoon Consulting has been founded in 2005 by Gilles Boissaye, Zulaika Sunthbocus and Georges Guigui.

The initial business model was to provide IT services to european customers and partners combining consulting expertise and remote delivery.

Today, Spoon Consulting covers a large field of digital skills from Business Transformation (FCM, HCM, SCM) to Customer Experience, and provides its services to customers and partners of all sizes and in all sectors with a geographical focus on Europe and Mauritius.