French Touch Dreamin – 2023

Build an App to Report on custom sales Goals, Quotas and KPIs

Aaron Crear

Founder & Principal Consultant

Hat-Trick Consulting

Automate the Monitoring of your Salesforce orgs with open-source tools only !

Nicolas VuillamyMaxime Guénégo

CTOSalesforce developer


Why and how to graphQL (now GA!)

Nicolas Despres

Program Architect


Elevate Your DevOps: How Scratch Orgs Pools Fit Into Your Salesforce Strategy

Nathan AbondanceJeremy Vial

Salesforce Tech LeadDeveloper

Aviv GroupTexei

Get Hands-On Architecting Solutions

Lilith Van BiesenMelissa Shepard

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect & MVPSalesforce CTA | Founder & CEO


Einstein Trust Layer: Under the Hood!

Cyril LouisEkaterina Obolenskaya

Mavericx CEOMarketing Automation Practice Manager

Wake-up call: Confronting data chaos before you fantasize about AI in Salesforce

André van Kampen


KampKonsult · Self-employed

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT API for your Salesforce Org

Romain Quijal



Hyperforce, coming soon to a Salesforce Org near you

Jim Stukas

Program Architect


Integrate seamlessly with AWS thanks to Unified Developer Experience

Philippe Ozil

Principal Developer Advocate


Brand, Debug and Test your Lightning Web Components

Mohamed Aamer Ait boutargante

Salesforce Senior Developer / Technical Architect


A CTA Carol: Ghosts of Past, Present and Future Journeys

JoAnn CulbertsonLilith Van Biesen

Solution ArchitectSalesforce Certified Technical Architect & MVP


The importance of a Process driven Approach for a good architecture

Miriam McCabeKevin Jackson

Sr Director, Global Delivery Innovation, Salesforce CTAConsultant


From Zero to Hero Salesforce Data Cloud

Birgit SchoemansStephane Plancke

Senior Marketing Automation ConsultantManaging Partner Forward B2B , Head of Core team


Implementing the Pub/Sub API with Mulesoft Anypoint Code Builder

Melissa Shepard

Salesforce CTA | Founder & CEO


Level up with AI, Data Cloud, and Einstein Copilot Studio

Danielle Larregui

Senior Developer Advocate


Aim for Flow Excellence with the Lightning Flow Scanner

Fabian KramerNicolas Vuillamy

Salesforce ArchitectCTO

Blue Apes Consulting GmbHCloudity

The Future of Salesforce: Enhancing Sales and Customer Service with Chat GPT Technology

Bartlomiej Wasowski


Architect’s Review of Data Replication vs. Virtualization

Yosra SaidaniDoria Hamelryk

Salesforce Solution ArchitectArchitect & Founder

Grab Your Swags!PipeLaunch

5 Steps to Deliver an Awesome Demo

Vicki Moritz-Henry

Architect & Certified Instructor


No, you’re not special, stick to standard objects and keep it simple

Blandine AlvarezGuillaume Serodon

Salesforce Architect

[email protected]

Google and Salesforce – what we can use and what it does

Martin Humpolec

Division Director

ACTUM Digital

TOGAF + Revenue Cloud: Why? How? When?

George Arshakian

Solution Architect

Capgemini Belgium

Customer Journey Mapping: The Secret Sauce for Salesforce Success

Sarah Kelleher

Customer Success Director

Nebula Consulting

The Future of AI and Development

Stephan Chandler-Garcia

Director of Strategic Content


The importance of a Process driven Approach for a good architecture

Miriam McCabeKevin Jackson

Sr Director, Global Delivery Innovation, Salesforce CTAConsultant


Challenges during archiving data in Salesforce world

Mike Dikhthyar

Salesforce consultant/ Lead


If you think you have no more license available, this session is for you!

Vincent Finet

Program Architect


Introduction to Industries Communications Cloud

Dariusz Halczewski

Salesforce Architect


Think smarter about who custom redirects should be designed for

Raba Mehmeti

Salesforce Consultant

Persistent Systems

Why Design Remains the #1 Unsung Hero of Successful Salesforce Implementations

Pallavi Agarwal

CEO & Founder

Kander Consult

EinsteinGPT for developers : Mastering AI intelligently and responsibly

Lilas LounesNassim Ouazzani

Developer SalesforceSalesforce Certified Application Architect


AppExchange: What Does It Take to Publish Your First App?

Jakub Stefaniak

VP, Technology Strategy and Innovation

Aquiva Labs

Salesforce packaging for Consultants (and Admins), and impact on DevOps

Rupert Barrow


The Sad Adventures of a Deploy Boy: Tales of Salesforce Deployments

Roman Hentschke

Salesforce Architect

Self employed

SSL/TLS & Cryptography: concepts and use in Salesforce

Miriam McCabeChristophe Bouchet

Sr Director, Global Delivery Innovation, Salesforce CTADirector, Program Architect & CTA


Profiles to Permission Sets – My Two-Pronged Approached

Andrew Cook

Salesforce Technical Instructor

Salesforce Ben

10 tips to build your security mindset

Daniel Stange


DIA die.interaktiven

Salesforce Roadmap: where to find it and how to influence it?

Jean-Pierre Rizzi ☁️

Project Manager & Senior Consultant


Novice to Ninja: Roadmap to Architect from a CTA Instructor

Steve Simpson



Why rolling your own DevOps stack is a false economy

Rob Cowell



Break Boundaries with Light DOM

Anastasia Sapihora


Salesforce Solution Architect

Discovery of Financial Service Cloud

Anne-Laure DeslogisMaxime Lei

Project Manager & Salesforce ArchitectSalesforce Consultant


Closing Keynote

Trish Perkins