Aircall : How Alkemics uses Aircall to become more agile and more available to customers

Alkemics’ platform connects brands and retailers and empowers them to automate their product data sharing processes by gathering all their data in one place and sharing them in a single click. Alkemics helps retailers better market themselves through smarter and more refined analytics.

Over 2,700 retailers of all sizes and industries use Alkemics’ platform to improve shoppers’ experience on their websites and observe underlying trends. To serve their own customers, Alkemics’ support team has used Aircall’s VoIP phone system since early 2017.


How Alkemics uses Aircall

We sat down with Étienne Dudouit, Head of Customer Support at Alkemics, to discuss the ways in which his team gets the most out of the Aircall app.


Inter-departmental collaboration

Alkemics’ support team is five people strong at the moment, but it’s also growing quickly. Alkemics is bringing in more and more business, both in France and overseas, and its support team is expanding to keep up with customer demand. The team mostly fields inbound calls in the form of customer queries and demands and goes through Aircall for all their phone channel needs.

The customer success team also uses Aircall’s phone system to accompany platform users every step of the way. Alkemics is implementing a customer onboarding program to help newly signed manufacturers get acquainted with their platform and their app. The success team works closely with support to remain in touch with customer expectations and challenges.
“Some of our customers are manufacturers used to lower-tech solutions,” explains Étienne. “Sometimes they need a little assistance to get used to our product and get the most out of it. Aircall helps us onboard everyone and share customer insight between teams.”

Alkemics uses the integration of Aircall and their CRM, Salesforce. As a result, all of the customer insights they glean from phone calls are collected in their CRM without a hitch.

“It’s much simpler not to have to switch between platforms,” says Étienne.

Indeed, since Aircall’s phone app can be integrated directly into Salesforce’s interface, Alkemics’ support team is saving both time and effort, and passes on those savings to their users by being more flexible and present.


Scaling quickly and smoothly

Before using Aircall, Alkemics’ support team relied on a single landline. As their activity increased, they needed a phone solution which would grow alongside them and allow them to keep up with customers.

“We needed a phone system which would allow us to do something as simple as taking two calls at once,” recalls Étienne. “Now that our needs are much more exacting, a phone solution with VoIP technology allows us to be more agile as well as more available to customers. Our support team can work remotely wherever they may be, from home or away from their desk.”

For now, the Alkemics team is wholly based in France. But Étienne explains that international expansion is in their future. They’ve started catering to markets outside of France, and found that Aircall could come through for them in that context as well.

“We like how easy it is to create a local number in twenty seconds,” says Étienne. “Our clients appreciate being able to get a dedicated number so quickly.

Aircall lets users create local numbers in over 40 countries in a few clicks, which allows Alkemics’ support team to hit the ground running, no matter where they may need to work.


Improve product and service quality

Alkemics uses Aircall to remain close to their customers, improve their service quality, and even refine their product roadmap and plan for upcoming features.

Étienne goes into more detail: “Listening back to call recordings is hugely important for us. Aside from the support team, the success team listens back to improve their onboarding process and its effectiveness. The product team uses recordings to understand customer challenges and expectations. You hear the actual voice of the customer. You feel their pain. It carries much more weight than simply reporting on what our users have to say.”

Thanks to the call recording feature, Alkemics’ product and support team work hand in hand to improve the user experience and exceed customer expectations. Alkemics is dedicated to improving its processes and growing to attract a wider range of customers overseas. Aircall hopes to be a part of that journey.