We Make The Trail Of Salesforce Teams Lives Easier

We Make The Trail Of Salesforce Teams Lives Easier 

The trail of DevOps is no easy one. It contains coded twists and turns, high-altitude workflows, and demand-led pathways. Whether someone is a Salesforce Developer or Admin – or anyone who builds things on Salesforce – they have to carry a lot of tools just to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’


There’s no time to take in the scenery of the process or admire the wildlife that is Git commands and sandboxes. That’s where their trailing companion, Hutte, comes to the rescue. We aim to take off some of the ‘code load’ and make their daily trail less windy. 

Easy On The Frontend, Powerful On The Backend

Built by Salesforce professionals, for Salesforce professionals means that our founders and all our ‘internal hikers’ have decades of experience under our belts. We hand-crafted Hutte as we identified that agile product teams needed a collaborative customization space to create and build their ground-breaking metadata, applications, and products. 


If a person’s work contains extension and customization of Salesforce instances or building products as an ISV, they need tools to organize and manage their development and releases. That’s why we wanted to create something that was going to be:

  • Lightweight: A tool that users would be able to take on the go without taking up too much space
  • Affordable: We wanted an all-encompassing platform that would remove the need to heavily invest in DevOps
  • Empowering: Allow Product Managers, Admins and Consultants to contribute work without knowing the bells and whistles of SFDX and Git
  • Easy to use: Anyone involved in Salesforce can work quickly and productively. 

The Building Blocks Of A Dynamic Tool

At Hutte, we’re a combination of cloud processing and Salesforce tooling together with UI and UX. We offer everything a single developer can do on their local machine but in the cloud. 

The first block we’ve laid into Hutte’s business plan is that our users are professionals who create and manage Salesforce scratch orgs and sandboxes through an intuitive visual interface. So, we needed our platform to be collaboration-friendly. 


We also wanted to create a space where Hutte would be easy, robust, and accessible to anyone on a team, no matter their technical skills and coding knowledge. 


When it comes to SFDX, we wanted its accessibility to be:


  • A fully shaped scratch org a user can create from a feature branch anytime, or they can take one from the pool
  • An environment where a team can access their access their Orgs and collaborate on them with a click of a button
  • A limitation-free space where anyone can tinker with the workspace. 


As our mission is to essentially help Salesforce teams work faster and better, without the need for CLI or Git commands, we’ve created a suite of solutions, including:


  • Custom scripts: Automate push, pull, and set up scripts, and expose any custom scripts on the UI with our custom buttons. It can be anything from user creation over feature enablement to inserting seed data.
  • Scratch org and sandbox management: Users can create orgs for any member of their team without going down the rabbit hole of permissions. Users also don’t need to have any account in their DevHub to get going
  • A pool of scratch orgs: A team doesn’t need to be delayed by scratch org creation and setup – they can just take one from the pool. 


We may be the ‘new kid’ on the block, but we believe that “if you think you’ve peaked, find a new mountain.” And that mountain is the Salesforce customization support Hutte offers.