Measure digital channels, ads campaigns and content influence on your revenue


Heeet is a an advanced digital campaign influence solution for any Salesforce cloud. We offer marketing teams with a unified view of their digital marketing performance and ROI through a cookieless solution and native integrations with GA4, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads,…

Why measuring each digital touchpoints matter?

From the very basic “lead source=website” to more advanced “first touch/last touch” model, there are different ways to monitor how digital impacts both lead acquisition and revenue in Salesforce.

However, those models offer a really partial view of how your marketing efforts are influencing your revenue.

Let’s take a quick example.

You spend 10K$ on Google Ads campaign A.

After 1 month you noticed it generated only 7 leads on first touch level and 3 leads on last touch level.

Those leads generated 7K$ revenue so you decide to stop the campaign.

However, when looking at real attribution data with Heeet, you might see that this campaign played a role in 6 other leads journey, leading to 2 closed won opportunities of 5K$.

How does Heeet work?

Heeet provides you with a complete solution to:

  • Track your online lead digital journey without cookie.
  • Connect Salesforce with Google Ads, Google Ads Performance Max, Google Local Services, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing Ads and TikTok Ads to sync each platform data with your Salesforce campaigns.
  • Customize your own attribution model.
  • Create and sync your Salesforce audiences with your online platforms.
  • Send back any Salesforce “conversion” to GA4, Google Ads and Linkedin Ads.

What are Heeet main benefits?

  • Since 40% of online prospect are rejecting cookies (CNIL), Heeet cookieless solution enables you to gather more acquisition data and rely on better data to monitor your ROI and optimize your campaign.
  • Heeet advanced and customizable attribution model enables you to see exactly how each digital channel, campaign, keyword are influencing your lead generation and revenue.
  • Heeet tracking goes beyond “paid” attribution by also showing you how SEO and Social Organic traffic are inlfuencing your revenue.
  • Our native Salesforce integration with Google Ads, GA4,…enables you to activate your Salesforce data in your analytics and marketing platforms to optimize your bidding strategy by investing on top performing channels, campaigns and keywords

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