French Touch Dreamin – 2017

Here is the recap of the 2017 edition of French Touch Dreamin !



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Happy Hour



Opening keynote

Ludovic explaining to entrepeneurs why it is the best time for “fill the blank” to jump in!
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Ludovic Ulrich

Do you app configuration right with Custom Metatada Types, not Custom Settings

Custom Settings are so last century when it comes to the app configuration! Join 8 out of 10 top ISVs who have already experienced the power of Custom Metadata Types and learn why Custom Metadata types are the “Freaking Holy Grail” of the Platform. Come to this session if:
  • You have never heard about Custom Metadata Types
  • You have heard about it but haven’t used it yet
  • You are using Custom Metadata Types already and want to learn about newest features and the roadmap

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Vladimir Gerasimov

Bring Your Users With You on The Trail to Lightning

With the Classic and Lightning interfaces nearing feature parity, and many new enhancements only available in the new UI, the time has never been better to make the switch.

As we find the technical challenges overcome, we have to form a plan to move our users to Lightning, many of whom will have been using Classic Salesforce for years. In this session I will share how to build out a change management strategy with Lightning in mind, including some key takeaways as to how to convince your most reluctant users to embrace the change.

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Louisie Lockie

From Quote to Cash in 25 minutes: an admin’s perspective

Joost Van Elsuwé & Jan Vandevelde will show & explain how to create your first bundle, test your CPQ flow as an end-user selling your newly created bundle, get it signed by the customer, generate your first invoice and cash-in your first payment,… all from within Salesforce and Lightning Experience!
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Jan Vandevelde

Joost Van Elsuwé

A quest to stop Salesforce mutants!

Mutation Testing is a type of software testing analysis where we mutate (change) certain statements in the source code to check if the test cases are able to find errors. In Salesforce we all succeed in 75% code coverage but this does not say much about the quality of the test suite. It shows the code that ran and we trust the developer asserted for the right output. With mutation, you assess how good your test sets are in finding bugs. The goal is to make tests fail when you introduce mutated code.
Join this session where we present a solution for Mutation Testing in Salesforce and you’ll be a better tester by the end of it. Promised!

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Sara Sali
Sara Sali

Deploying an Event-Driven Software Architecture with Platform Events

With the release of Platform Events in Summer ’17, developers now have the necessary tooling to venture into the realm of event-driven software architecture.
In this session I will introduce the concept of enterprise messaging and present Platform Events.
I will highlight their capabilities, suggest use cases and provide sample code.

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Philippe Ozil

IoT, it’s easy, start your journey now!

Internet of things is the next big thing in IT. Every device being connected to the internet and being able to communicate to other devices via sensors,electronics and network connectivity. Salesforce is also part of this IoT landscape.Learn how easy you can setup your own IoT device and let it communicate with Salesforce. Using NodeMcu, an open source IoT platform, you’ll learn to send data to Salesforce such as originating from a temperature sensor and other devices.

Ran on: 14th September 2017

Piti Phanpanich

Become a security Superman

In Salesforce, trust is #1. Be aligned with this philosophy and come to our session. Learn how to prevent important security issues in order that our applications are secure. Prepare your applications to pass Salesforce Security Review and make your customers confident and happy.Fight against the feared SOQL injection and XSS, prevent Open Redirect and CSRF attacks, avoid clickjacking techniques from being successful. Protect your applications and become a security Superman!
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Alba Azcona Rivas

Salesforce Shield – Transaction Security & Event Monitoring

Gotham City Police Department wants to protect its citizens from organised crime. They have the best detective of the world investigating crimes across the city. As a result, the people of the city feel safe and protected.
In this session, we speak about how to monitor Events and control user actions in the Org. Following these practices, you will know the details about “what”, “when” and “who” carried out any action in a Customer Salesforce Org and prevent access to sensitive data and avoid security breaches.

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Connecting the Clouds: Leverage Marketing Cloud campaigns with Sales Cloud & Service Cloud data

Your company is using Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud, and has now planned to use Marketing Cloud. Congratulations! So as an Awesome Admin, what do you do now?
Join me and discover how to optimize Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud data via Marketing Cloud Connect feature.
Learn in under 20 minutes with live demo how to setup and configure Marketing Cloud Connect with Clicks, not Code; and then how to use Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud data in your Marketing Cloud campaigns.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Cyril Louis

Inventory for Big Data & Metadata using Bulk API

  • A Bulk API Based framework which pushes data and metadata changes daily from Salesforce Organisation into a DataSource.
  • DataSource acts as an Inventory for maintaining the Big Data which flows into Salesforce Org and helps in tracking the field level changes and historic data.
  • Ensures Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement as Redundant and Stagnant Data is moved out of the Org
  • Applications can be built on top of this DataSource and Third Party Apps can easily Interact with this DataSource Instead of directly interacting with Org
  • DataSource can be any Database or CMS or a Simple File Management System
  • Automated Java Jar which runs daily and calls the bulk API for fetching the data from the Org and then stores it into datasource
  • Solves the Big Data Problem for Many Salesforce Orgs

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Kolipey Abhishek

How to leverage Einstein and Behind the Scenes of the Salesforce Incubator

Is the AI hype starting to wither? Reality of the operational world has slowly but steadily been catching up with the idyllic marketing fantasy. Being part of the Salesforce Einstein focused incubator, I witnessed first-hand how Salesforce is looking to succeed where Watson and others are struggling. We’ll cover some advanced use-cases around Einstein and how to think about driving business impact with it.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Francis Brero

How AppExchange is changing the game

What is the new Salesforce AppExchange, and how can it help build value for your company and change the way you do business? Learn about how else you can partner with Salesforce including Platform, Heroku, Einstein Analytics and Marketing Cloud.
Ran on: 14th September 2017

Pascal Ruby

Julie Jacobson

Developer Keynote

Look Wade talks about SalesforceDX for the first ever French Touch Dreamin Developer Keynote !
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Wade Wegner

Staring Down Your Fears

Public speaking has an impact on your earnings potential and career trajectory, but why are so many people of afraid of speaking in front of others? Learn the answer to this question as well as tips on why you should speak in public, how to overcome imposter syndrome and give an awesome talk!
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Jodi Wagner

Marketing with Pardot in real life

For a marketing manager, when he discovers the marketing automation, it looks like magic. But beware of small details that may get in the way! Olena will take you through several tips on how to get to the « wow » moments for you and your users sooner, and avoid the « oops » when you install and run Pardot. We will also discuss the best ways to deliver the prospect insights gathered by Pardot to Sales Reps, and how to use one Pardot org for several business lines. For those unfamiliar with the marketing automation concept, no worries, a « Pardot elevator pitch » will be served as an entrée.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Olena Tokar

Data Integrations in Salesforce : State of the Union

Overwhelmed by all the choices for connecting Salesforce clouds to each other and external servers? Wondering how Platform Events fit in and what the future of integration in the Salesforce ecosystem looks like? Come get a rapid-fire overview of the integration landscape in Salesforce, with attention paid to gotchas and pitfalls to look out for when designing integrations on the platform. Expect to walk away with a framework for how to evaluate data integration options, and a high level understanding of each of the native offerings as well as some off-platform ones.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Chuck Liddell

Hey Einstein. Thanks for making my CRM even greater!

Every word a customer leaves on a Salesforce record can be a source of insights. It can tell about the mood of your customers, and the topics they are talking about. Salesforce has just launched their latest addition to their Einstein universe, and Einstein Language promises to become your language processing companion to build next-generation apps.
I am going to discuss use cases for Einstein Language Intent and Sentiment and demonstrate how to integrate Einstein language into your application. We’ll build our first Einstein Language powered app to give you ideas how to get started with this new Salesforce Einstein service.

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Daniel Stange

Awesome Admin to Application Architect …And Beyond!

Got your admin cert and wondering what’s next? Don’t be put off by the word Architect! We’ll be discussing the new Salesforce Architect Journey and why it’s relevant to administrators. You’ll learn how to use your admin skills to obtain the Application Architect credential, and we’ll even set our sights on the very pinnacle of Salesforce achievements – the Technical Architect certification.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Chris Edwards - EyeForPharma BCN Square Crop with MVP Logo
Chris Edwards

Process Automation: the grey area between Admins and Developers

All Salesforce implementations involve (business) process automation, but what’s best? Point-and-Click or Apex Development?
We’ll be exploring the territory in between, including a demo of Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow, to help get you started.I will cover:
– Which process automation-tools Salesforce provides and which one is best for you
– How Process Builder can save you a lot of time and effort
– What’s new in the upcoming Winter ’18-release?
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

André van Kampen

Add Intelligence to Any Salesforce App with Einstein Discovery

Bring intelligence in the context of any Salesforce app thanks to the power of Einstein Discovery. Any Salesforce Admin or Developer can add in context prediction and prescription using a model created automatically by the machine
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

François Lopitaux

5 Pro Tips from 5 Different Lightning Experience Rollouts

Learn from experiences delivering Lightning Experience to new new CRM users to 10 year Salesforce veterans. We’ll review the upsides and gotchas of going live with Lightning Experience from the perspective of a developer, and learn about when to stick with standard Lightning Components, declarative options available for low-code solutions, and using custom Lightning Components to deliver functionality to bridge user experience gaps between Classic and Lightning Experience.
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Roger Mitchell

Building better components: reusable and generic

Have you ever written the same code over and over again (what about checking the state for an Aura-Action-response to “SUCCESS”)?Based on all the advanced aura-framework-stuff you might have hitherto ignored, this talk will teach you how to reduce boilerplate code and increase reusability by creating truly generic components. Are you new to abstract components, inheritance or component methods? Check out this session to gain insights of a new level in designing and developing Lightning Components.

Thinking out-of-the-box is the key when implementing more complex use cases. Profit from our long experience as ISV partner in building Lightning based products and the tons of components this needs – and take some ready-to-use snippets home with you which will save you time for future projects!
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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Christian Menzinger

Being a Pragmatic Programmer: From journeyman to master

Everyone has heard or read something like: you must do “Clean Code”, you must be a “Pragmatic Programmer” or “Refactoring” is the best way to improve your existing design.

But why worry about style? Who cares what a program looks like if it works? Doesn’t it take too much time to make it look pretty?

We will see what is behind all these cool words, why all the people are obsessed with this issues and how to apply some of these practices wisely.

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Ran on: 14th September 2017

Alberto Lozano

Closing Keynote

Ran on: 14th September 2017

Shawna Wolverton