French Touch Dreamin – 2018

Here is the recap of the 2018 edition of French Touch Dreamin !



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Discover how to create your SFDX CLI plugin !

Salesforce DX is taking automation in almost all aspects of our projects. The CLI is great and get new features every day, but sometimes, it need some extra boost.
In this session you will discover the CLI plugins, how they work, and the steps to customize the CLI by creating a brand new plugin.
We will also create a new plugin together, publish it on the NPM website to share our hard work and give back to community !

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Gil Gourevitch

Managing change without losing focus on delivery

Companies undertake projects to bring about change but the psychology of the action can affect us all.
I’ll talk about the impact of change on a project from the perspective of an end user and the delivery team. You’ll come away with top tips on how to mitigate in order to ensure a successful implementation and adoption of the new world for all.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Amanda Beard-Neilson

Known and unknown Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations… and some workarounds 😉

As a Marketing Cloud newbie, you may want to be aware of Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations! And as a veteran, you may have already faced some limitations… So what if the Community could support you and share tips and tricks to anticipate limitations?
Join me in this session to learn from what I have faced around topics such as testing, data sync, lead scoring, customer journeys and more.
*Tips you don’t have from official online documentation*

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Cyril Louis

Reach the most efficient schedule with Field Service Lightning Optimizer

The FSL scheduling optimizer helps your field service team comply with SLAs, minimizes travel time, overtime, costs, and no-shows. It maximizes efficiency by assigning resources to as many service appointments per shift as possible.
We will learn about the scheduling optimizer by experimenting the optimization engine with different constraints.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Akram Gargouri

Test Automation is for Admins too

Test automation is an essential tool for streamlining regression testing for many companies but for many Salesforce admins, it’s still a niche concept. Traditionally, solutions were built on complex coded frameworks. Fortunately, the marketplace is changing with the introduction of robust tools that are also admin-friendly. In this session we’ll learn how these tools are changing and we’ll discuss how to tackle testing as a blocker to agility. Join this session to find out how you can unblock deployments, increase transparency, and guarantee the continued quality of what has been built.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Geraint Waters

Commerce Cloud for Salesforce Admins and Developers!

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a powerful eCommerce Platform, but very few Salesforce Admins or Developers even understand it. So, you’ll learn some of the key in’s and out’s of Commerce Cloud and how to potentially leverage it in future projects.
You’ll also learn how to gain access to a Commerce Cloud Sandbox and connect it to a DE Org for testing some of the basic connectivity with Marketing & Service Clouds using OCAPI and the new Salesforce connectors.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Jon Jessup

#clicksnotcode “The two Towers”. 2nd Generation with Process Automation and Lightning

In Dreamforce ’17, Visual Flow became beautiful as well as useful. We’ll use a real use case to show you how to integrate Lightning Components within Flows and vice versa. We’ll also explore other features, such as the ability to link Flow with Process Builder.Finally, we’ll cover the new and upcoming features that will help you fall more in love with this #clicksnotcode tool.

From anonymous website visitor to client: End-to-end view of your marketing and sales efforts

So, you’ve got marketing and sales team doing their jobs, the deals are being closed… but who, or what should get the most credit? What is the deal-to-lead ratio?
The question is important – not just to distribute rewards and congrats, but also for production capacity planning, optimising marketing budget…
I will show how to use Sales Cloud (yes, good old reports and dashboards), Pardot, and B2B Analytics tools to get figures in front of decision makers. We will also see how to organise processes so that the data gets into reports with as little pain as possible.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Olena Tokar

Your Admin Toolbelt is not complete without Salesforce DX – Learn to Leverage and Love the aDmin eXperience

What if changing the order of 2 fields on 15 layouts took only 2 minutes? And assigning/removing all the permission sets for users changing roles in your org took 30 seconds instead of umpteen minutes? Salesforce DX can do this for admins and much more. It is the essential power tool for all things Salesforce!We will give you a full tour of the aDmin eXperience – starting with how to setup DX, what basic knowledge you need in order to increase your daily productivity and how to analyse if your most tedious tasks can be automated.

You will need no previous knowledge for this session. And you don’t have to worry about Git – you don’t need version control to get started. We got you covered, and we’ll climb the first steps together towards an Admin life that you’ll never want to miss again.

Time Out – A Lightning component that gives you a break and makes you a Coffee!

Technology has made office work easy. So easy, that humans don’t need anything but the warm glow of a computer screen, an email program and coffee. Staring at screen for hours can cause you real damage. People forget that our bodies have limits. But since the effects are not visible physically, they are highly ignored. Therefore, the systems that you work with should help you in keeping fit rather than encouraging you to work more.In this talk, I will speak about Time Out, a Lightning Component which helps you in keeping healthy. It is nicely packed in the utility bar. Lightning components in the utility bar have superpowers – they persist across various pages of the application, without being affected by your navigation. In the background it has a Javascript timer running, which informs you at desired intervals that it’s time to stretch, do some exercise or take a walk. That’s not all, when connected to your coffee machine, you can order your coffee from your seat and enjoy it with some fresh air.

You should attend this talk if you want to know more about:

Lightning Components
Utility Bar and Utility Bar API.
How to connect Salesforce to a coffee machine using a Microcontroller.

This talk is a Proof of Concept, to give you inspiration on what different stuff can be done using Utility Bar and various IoT Modules.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Ankit Taneja

Advanced Apex Testing

Testing your code can feel laborious and hard. Dependencies can make tests hard to follow and understand. Thankfully, the Lightning Platform has tools to make testing faster, easier, and more exciting. Join us for a deep dive into advanced testing topics including mocking, stubbing, avoiding the database, and writing custom assertions. Never heard of those? That’s OK, we’ll introduce and demo exactly how they work, and why.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Kevin Poorman

Keep the bad guys out with Salesforce Shield

As Parker Harris says, “Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers’ data.” Trust requires security.Salesforce Shield is a Swiss army knife for security within Salesforce. This session focuses on the event monitoring module allows you to add an additional layer of security to keep any bad guys out and also allows notifications or actions on unexpected behaviour. This session will show you how quickly you can enable event monitoring and how you can get your CSO to sleep easily at night

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Marek Smerak

Richard Dearn

Training, the secret ingredient to a successful rollout

Are you a visual learner or auditory? Do you have to be hands on or can you learn by reading steps in a process? Most of us need at least two of these styles to learn something new along with repetition. This talk will help you craft a training strategy that will help you impart knowledge to all of your users in a way that will guarantee a successful rollout. Leave the session armed with tips and tricks so none of your users is left behind.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Jodi Wagner

SalesforceDX Continuous Delivery and Test Automation

SalesforceDX is changing the way we develop and deploy and affects both end customers and ISVs alike. In this session we will cover an overview of SalesforceDX, summarise the options for packaging, and review tools to help you implement a continuous delivery pipeline. Find out how, and when, you should integrate SalesforceDX as part of your Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines as we present a live demo from change to deployment including generating automated test results using Provar. Pay attention, there is a optional quiz at the end!

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Richard Clark

Become an impact first Nonprofit

To be a changemaker in today’s world, you need to lead with impact. So what does it mean to be an “impact-first nonprofit”? Across the social sector, we’re experiencing an impact revolution fueled by increased demand and global movements for social change. Nonprofits are learning to harness data and intelligence to tell their impact story in personal, powerful ways. Join Chris Kauffman from to see the latest Nonprofit Cloud innovations in action!

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Chris Kauffman

Use Privacy by Design to build apps for the Future!

Modern Day privacy regulations change the way that we design and build applications. Privacy by Design(PbD) provides a methodology that we can all follow in order to create future-proof tools and applications that utilise personal data in a respectful manner. We will break down how PbD informs the questions we ask when designing applications, the way it affects our logging, and how obfuscation can help us minimise risk. You will be able to leave the session confident that you can make the right decisions when using an individual’s personal data.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Stephan Garcia

Web2Case and Case Deflection in lightning communities, from Out of the Box to full blown custom

If you’re up to Date with the Release notes, you might have noticed that since Spring `18, the case Creation form was Split into 2 components. How do you leverage one or the other without having to rebuild them from scratch? What configuration options exist? Join me in this 25 min presentation where we will go from OOTB to a full blown custom case creation + deflection component…

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Guillaume Minero

Well, Why Not? You CAN be a Certified Technical Architect

Few have pursued the mighty Salesforce CTA certification. Only 11 out of approx. 250 CTAs are women. So why bother with it? Well, why not? If you’ve been doing this a while and are thinking about the bigger picture, you’re already thinking like an architect. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back and how over 800 Trailblazers around the world can help you on your mission. You’re not alone – we’ve got this – together.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Gemma Emmett

Understanding Metadata Coverage with Salesforce DX

Join us to learn how new tools and improved metadata coverage, and usability will increase productivity and make your life as a Salesforce developer even better. This session will be packed with demos, real-world insights, and an in-depth look at our roadmap.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Karen Fidelak

Supercharge Your Sales Team with Salesforce CPQ

Are you an intermediate admin who wants add Salesforce CPQ to your toolkit? This is the session for you! I’ll start with a quick overview of what Salesforce CPQ is and then jump into a real use case of a company whose goal was to standardise products, pricing, and quoting across multiple offices. I’ll do a live demo of the solution I created with bundles, product rules, price rules, and dynamic templates. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of how Salesforce CPQ can help your sales team close deals even faster and how to get started implementing it.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Julia Doctoroff

Future of Customer Service: IoT and Chatbot to empower your agents and delight your customers

When customers raise critical issues, reactivity is crucial to drive satisfaction! And companies that dispatch field technicians to fix customer equipment and devices face a dual challenge: Making sure the right field service technician and parts arrive at the right place and the right time.
See how Salesforce’s AI helps companies to stay on top of CRM where customers often want immediate customer service.Learn from our session how Salesforce can empower Customer Service:
– by sending automatic and detailed information via sensors to IoT Cloud
– by recommending and predicting next actions via Einstein on IoT
– by using AI/NLP and Voice Command with Amazon Alexa to inform your technicians over Field Service Lightning

Join us to see in a Live Demo that IoT, AI, Chatbot, Natural Language Processing and Voice Command are more than just buzzwords 😉

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Blandine Alvarez

Nicolas Blanc

Preparing the ground for your DX Implementation

In this talk, we will share our experiences in preparing dev teams and business processes across the enterprise for a likely DX switchingDX is undoubtedly excellent with the stratospheric hype around it. But before speeding onboard, we have to strive on aligning the delivery teams to outfit for a DX impact

Like any other modish stuff, as an imperative task, we need to work on strengthening the service layer to ease the connectivity with the modules around. If not, we will end up doing a series of successful proof of concepts and will fall-flat when we adopt this implementation to an end to end operational execution.

As the metadata will keep its XML format, we have to improve our understanding on how can we

* Leverage XML files with code editors as GIT is a bit rusty with them

* Efficiently sync it with GIT as a primary step before moving to DX

Also, find a bunch of things acted as a part of the preparation

* Enforcing an IDE for developers

* Understanding the core concepts of how GIT works, with Salesforce metadata and code files

* Defining and tuning deployment workflow in different scenarios

* Component development workflow

* Conflict resolution for particular metadata types

* Understanding the reason behind DX metadata split formats

* Each field to a separate XML file, this format can change. we can store it differently based on our project

* Managing the conflicts with the tricky profiles and custom labels

* Getting inspired by the delivery flows, dependency management and versioning from open source java/JavaScript projects in GIT

* Relevant use of tools like Ant, Gulp, Grunt, Web pack in transforming our source info to build ready with ease

We believe that DX will flex the packaging and deployment process with similar ease as npm. DXifying your salesforce processes isn’t just a collection of utilities but needs a change in mind set.

Salesforce projects IRL/DLVV (“in real life”/”dans la vraie vie”)

We all love the enthusiastic presentation of the Salesforce communities for Developers, Admins, and the whole Salesforce Ohana.
However, our experience shows that in real-life (IRL, or DLVV “dans la vraie vie”), Salesforce implementation projects have their surprises, difficulties and lessons learned.
In this presentation by experienced senior Salesforce consultants from Devoteam (ex-Altius), we will share some true stories about Salesforce projects IRL/DLVV : we will tell you about our errors, their consequences, the lessons we learned and the advice we would like to share with you.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Rupert Barrow

Developer Console and Workbench: Getting Under The Hood of Your Org

Have you ever needed to find out why a process isn’t running as expected, or why you are hitting limits? There comes a point in every Admin’s journey when we need to get under the hood and the standard UI isn’t enough. Join me as I talk through some key use cases for these admin friendly ‘developer’ tools.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Louise Lockie

Reference Custom Metadata Types in formulas and track references with all new Dependency API

Building apps that are highly customizable is now easier with an ability to reference Custom Metadata Type records in formula fields and validation rules. Define the logic and leave the configuration up to the admins. And as you app gets more complex, understand dependencies between components better with all new Dependency API and new “Where is this used?” feature available for custom fields.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Vladimir Gerasimov

Automate with SalesforceDX – get started to enhance your workflow now!

Have you ever felt that your Salesforce development workflow could be optimized and you asked yourself how others are doing?This session gives you fresh ideas how you can utilize SalesforceDX and the new Salesforce CLI in your day by day business – admin or developer alike. Even if you haven’t started using DX at all, identify those parts which can be adopted immediately – DX is NOT an “all or nothing” option! And not for developers only, either. Find out what fits your needs and get inspired how your future development could look like.
Getting started with easy but powerful steps to utilize bash-scripts, work with JSON responses from the CLI and learn how widespread technologies like NodeJS and fit into the picture as well. Take some ready to use snippets back home to help yourself to start with automation.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Christian Menzinger

Use Lightning Quick Actions to create powerful page layouts your users will love

Lightning quick actions empower you to create useful, responsive, and intelligent page layouts your users will love.
How many times have you been asked to add yet more fields to a page layout, and you shudder at the thought of users having to scroll ever further down the page, frustrated when they can’t find the fields they want to see? Do you ever wish you could display key fields in their own section to give them better visibility? Perhaps you have to manage multiple page layouts because a small group of fields aren’t relevant to all users?
We’ll address these common, everyday layout issues and do a step by step demo on utilising quick actions so you can leave the session with real, actionable solutions, no code required.
This session is perfect for Admins who want to take home Lightning enhancements offering immediate, visible benefit that can be delivered quickly.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Christine Marshall

Improve your sales with Salesforce Einstein

Ever wondered how to foresee your future? With the conventional sales method hitting the stagnation point, Salesforce Einstein can boost your sales performance by giving new perspectives. In this session, I will first demonstrate how Einstein Discovery assists you to demystify problems. We will then learn how to increase productivity through features of Sales Cloud Einstein and finally see improved sales prediction via Analytics. Get ready to wear different hats in the session and imagine yourself in the story, I will be narrating.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Radhika Bansal

Implement and Use Lightning Service Components

As Lightning developers, most of what we implement are user interface components. As our code base grows, there is a strong need for service (non-graphical) components to structure our apps and avoid code duplication. Join this session to get an overview of available base Lightning service components and learn best practices that will allow you to build custom services. We will demonstrate this architecture by looking at a service component that calls server-side actions.

Ran on: 15th November 2018

Philippe Ozil