Aircall : How Mention used Aircall to boost sales and customer success

Mention is a French media monitoring software company, and for over two years they’ve been using our VoIP phone system. Both Mention and Aircall got their start in the eFounders studio, so you could say it was meant to be! We had a chance to speak with Matthieu Gauthier, Mention’s Head of Marketing; he told us all about how Aircall’s phone system helped their team grow and succeed.

Mention was created in 2012, and in that time they’ve drawn in over 650,000 customers. Mention’s software allows users to monitor their web and social media and brand presence, and draw meaningful conclusions from that analysis. Thanks to Mention, users can appraise their brand’s — as well as their competitors’— reputation and influence, then adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.


How Mention uses Aircall

Mention’s sales workforce is split into three teams:

  • An outbound sales team. They place sales calls, chase down leads, and offer product demos.
  • An inbound sales team. They nurture customer success, onboard new users, and manage existing accounts.
  • A customer support team. They field inbound support demands.

These three teams conduct their business using Aircall’s phone system. The outbound sales team brings in customers, then the inbound team takes over to manage their accounts and encourage their success. The support team assists customers along the way. Mention strives to supply customers with both powerful software and the skills to use it efficiently, so they’re committed to accompanying customers during their entire journey.


Mention used Aircall to thrive and succeed

Before switching to Aircall, Mention’s employees used their cell phones instead of a professional setup. As Mention signed on more customers, its team grew; they found they needed a more efficient, adaptable, and scalable phone system.


Mention managed to handle more calls while providing a higher quality of service. Thanks to Aircall, Mention’s teams are speedier and more productive, for both inbound and outbound operations.


The need for speed

Mention does business in more than 150 countries. Consequently, the sales team’s timetables are devised around the opening hours in all those countries. The outbound sales team needs to quick on its feet, so they require a phone system that doesn’t hold them back.

“When we reached a certain stage of growth, we needed a solution that would satisfy our need for flexibility,” says Matthieu. “We want our salespeople to spend their time on the phone with customers and prospects, not doing data entry.”

Moreover, Aircall’s phone system lets salespeople hit the ground running right away. Since a new user can be set up in mere minutes, Mention’s ever-growing team isn’t hindered by practical constraints.

“We don’t want to have to rely on our IT team every time a new salesperson comes in,” explains Matthieu. “Our developers are hard at work on our product, and that’s where their priorities should lie, not in setting up SIP phones. Setting up Aircall for a new teammate is very simple and only takes a few minutes!”

Timeliness and agility can often make the difference between a win and a missed sales opportunity. Mention uses Aircall to make sure that their phone solution empowers salespeople to do their best work.


Powerful and convenient integrations

A successful sales team stays organized and on top of customer activity. Mention’s team needs to work expeditiously, and for this reason, they integrated Aircall into Salesforce for maximum efficiency.

“Aircall is incredibly simple to set up, scale, and integrate,” explains Matthieu. “It connects to our CRM, which saves salespeople time and effort which they can devote to customers instead.”

Mention has integrated Aircall’s phone system into their CRM, Salesforce. This way, they can place and receive calls directly from within the Salesforce interface, and create tickets and cases for every call. Instead of juggling two programs and manually recording important customer data, Mention’s sales team can focus on singing on prospects.


Striving for continuous improvement

Aircall’s phone system helps save both time and effort, but sheer speed of execution isn’t everything. Mention also uses the call recording feature to raise their quality of service and improve upon their internal processes.

“The call recording feature is extremely relevant to our activity,” says Matthieu. “We don’t just use it to train salespeople, though that’s definitely part of our process, but for marketing purposes as well. We want to make sure that our marketing and sales departments are strategically aligned.”

Mention drums up interest in their product precisely because their content is effectively targeted. They use real customer recordings as a jumping-off point, then present their target demographic with helpful and engaging content. Both sales and marketing listen to recordings to get a deeper and more accurate understanding of customer needs and expectations.

Mention has managed to get the most out of Aircall’s phone system: for both inbound and outbound calls, their team has managed to become more streamlined, efficient, and adaptable.

Matthieu sums it up this way: “Welcome to 2017! If it’s not already the case, your business should invest in a phone solution like Aircall.”