FTD 2018

Copa.do – Clean off the Shelf

Copado’s mission is to enable faster, error-free digital and cloud deployments and upgrades with continuous integration (CI) technologies and agile cloud release management, all via an enterprise-class developer platform that is 100% native and fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds.

Elements.cloud : Documentation is an Accelerator

“Documenting stuff takes time and stops me doing the important stuff.” You need to change that mindset. “Spend to Save. 2 steps back to take 3 forward. Paying forward.” Call it what you want, but deep down you know that you should be documenting what you are customizing as you are doing it. If your […]

Resco explains why Enterprise Mobility is bigger than you think

  A year ago, you had a chance to meet Resco at French Touch Dreamin for the first time. We participated at the 2017’ edition as silver sponsors. A lot has changed since then. For Salesforce and for Resco. We’ve been Salesforce ISV partners, providing offline mobility solutions for almost 2 years. In this time, […]

DocuSign : Streamlining the Business of Health Insurance

Covered California is the state-based marketplace where Californians can sign up for health insurance. To best serve Californians, Covered California engages more than 14,000 different entities including certified agents, brokers, and community partners, each of which must have a signed agreement with Covered California before they can provide services. The business process for managing the […]

Own{Backup} : GDPR Compliance in the Post Enforcement Period

The GDPR enforcement date has passed and, as you might have already heard, well-known companies are feeling the impact of not being fully prepared. These companies are facing potentially significant costs from lawsuits, fines, and from having to speed up the development and deployment of their GDPR compliance strategies. Data protection has also gone global. […]